please note that we’ll be closed for handling works from Jan. 6th to Feb. 28th !!

 ” eating is an extreme act.

of Love


the giudecca canal, its large space,
the so bright and enveloping lights of a lagoon almost sea.
but not only that: a cozy room from where to enjoy the autumn mists.

and first of all a kitchen and a service, because in my opinion eating is an extreme act:
you take “something” that is there, next to you, and “put” it inside you.
this “something” if doesnt kill you, then becomes a part of you.
if you dont make a conscientious decision regarding this “something”
it means that you dont respect yourself,
and by consequence, that you dont respect others.
each Person working here, each in their own way, participates in this act.

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no claim but simply offer what we know to find better: this simple sentence from Josko Gravner to summarize the Common Sense that guide us:

“… you ask me what I think of natural wines, whether a certification is right or not? I don’t know the answer, and do you know why? because I make Wine, and my Wine does not comply with any product specifications or trends!

And in making my Wine I do my best to respect my Land, respecting the whole ecosystem.

In all these years I have seen how useless specifications and certifications are, because behind each wine there are not only grapes, but most importantly the producer’s honesty: this is something you cannot learn at school or by conforming to a certain production thinking… and even less can it be certified.

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permanent artists

I’m extinct -Cristiano Bendinelli Sala Fortuny

this project was born from the need to relate the improper use we make of our planet. regardless of what ‘that surrounds us, we continue in the destruction of flora and fauna that should instead accompany our lives. photographing a series of extinct birds I wanted to document what we have lost, their beauty and their role among us. documenting the species and their last sighting. Through this work you can get to touch drowsy consciences, distracted by passage of time, documenting where we come to be ready to deal with where we’re going.

Marcello Chiarenza Sala Nono

Light Design: Fabrice Kebour

In my work I feel the space strong actraction and charm, the orientals can say the vacuum, that ocean of possibilities, the place without boundaries where the every things intimate voices waft… The space, that world of visions that must spring out of appearance, unstoppable breath of reality… that reality that passing by the form of his specific body, pulsates with an energy coming from the neverending intimate abyss

contact us or book a table

 (maximum 60 days in advance)

please note that we’ll be closed for handling works from Jan. 6th to Feb. 28th !!

before booking a table please:

-consider that first of all Riviera is a Restaurant; if you want to came here only for the landscape and to take selfies, please leave your place to foodies

We do not have wi-fi, and we accept the use of cellphones only if strictly necessary.

PLEASE BE AWARE : this means that you may have to talk with your friend, partner, or fellow diners.

Thank you.

– give a look to our menu here  (sorry but we don’t have a vegetarian or vegan proposal)

– check here our Terms and Conditions here (please read carefully: we reserve the right to refuse any Guest not compliant our internal rules)

– due to comfort reasons also for other guests, not allow to receive for dinner groups of more than 5 guests, also if in separate tables. It would be eventually possible but for lunch, same set menu for the all table : contact us for details.

– all our tables -under weather conditions, at least 20°C – are outside and near to the Canal de la Giudecca (otherwise in one of the two large rooms inside), but anyway we can assure only the booking, but in any case not the table position

– dress code because the respect due to other Guests, especially for dinner, we ask for a correct dress code (no slippers, men’s shorts or beach wearing… etc)

– c

– consider that our opening time are
Friday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday from 7pm to 10.30pm (last order 10.00pm)

Saturday and Sunady from 12.30 to 3.00pm (last order 2.30pm) and from 7pm to 10.30pm (last order 10.00pm)

 Thursday is our day off

how to reach us
vaporetto san basilio stop (line 2, 6, N) or zattere (linea 2, 5, 6, N).
contact us for details

opening time

Friday , Monday , Tuesday and  Wednesday, from 7pm to 10.30pm
Saturday and Sunday from 12.30 to 3.00pm and from 7pm to 10.30pm
we are closed on Thursday


Because a too long list (80% !!) no shows leaving ’empty booked tables’, in order to guarantee your booking, our process can require for a reservation, and as value of confirmation of your booking, 50,00€ as deposit by credit card and for each Guest: this is a deposit (you don’t pay anything) and it will be not cashed (nothing will be charged) if you cancel at least 3 hours before your arrival time.

We really apologize for this inconvenience, but that is the only solution against the rudeness of few fellows.

for reservations at 9.45pm the credit card deposit will be not required, but to give you a table we need to wait for one becoming free: may be you’ll wait few minutes. 



for any question contact us at

we’ll answer you as soon as possible!

main areas of interest near to us:

Chiesa di San Sebastiano (Veronese, Tiziano, Sansovino, Palma il Giovane)

Scuola Grande dei Carmini (Tiepolo, Varotari)

V-A-C Foundation (contemporary art)

Cà Rezzonico (XVIII century Venetian museum, Tiepolo, Longhi)

– Gallerie dell’ Accademia

Galleria di Palazzo Cini (Tuscan paintings from XIII to XVI century, Tiziano, Veronese, temporary expositions)

Guggheneim Foundation (modern art)

Museo della Punta della Dogana (modern art, coll. Pinault, temporary expositions)

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our Location

location: fondamenta zattere al ponte longo, 1473,
30123 venezia, italy
phone: +39 041 522 7621

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ristorante riviera
– riviera venexia srl – p.iva 04206940274
dorsoduro 1473 – 30123 venezia – tel.041 5227621 –
open from Thursday to Tuesday from 12.30 to 15.00 and from 19.00 to 22.30
closed on Wednesday